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Livestream for Charity

STREAMLAND is a platform for Artists, DJs and Musicians to perform livestreams from their own homes, in efforts to raise money for food and at the same time help the suffering entertainment industry in Bali. As a viewer you will be able to participate in the actual stream as we believe we all are in this together and by the help of music we can do something good and give back to the people most in need. We are truly excited to be also supported by Pioneer DJ Indonesia.

IN collaboration with Feed a Family by Tresna Cooking School

We are VERY proud and happy to announce that we will be joined by the amazing organization FEED A FAMILY by Tresna Bali for our Livestreams starting next week. With the situation happening globally and of course in Bali, economically where 70% of the population of this island depended on tourists that is now almost completely at a standstill and Bali being an island highly dependent on tourists, the result of this pandemic has been catastrophic for the local community where many people are struggling to afford life necessities. And things are looking to get much, much worse very soon.


Until now "FEED A FAMILY" program has donated food to feed over 300 families in villages all around Bali and their next goal is to reach 1000 families with the help of our platform Streamland. With our very first livestream kicking off next week we are very excited to work together with Feed A Family to help the people most in need.


We have setup the following payment platforms for you to donate here.

via bank transfer

BCA 0560826001


via gopay

Scan the QR Code above payable to Bali Praia Cafe

via paypal

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